About Us

At BloomKonnect, we pride ourselves in revolutionizing the floral business by removing the middleman and extra costs that come with it. We want industry professionals to get the most fresh and best product from around the world while experiencing savings from our streamlined supply chain. Because of this, we offer flowers for a longer period of time at a better price, all while helping farmers do better for their communities. Currently, our marketplace offers flowers from Holland, locations across North and South America, Ethiopia, Kenya, Thailand, and Vietnam, based on seasonal demands.

Our supply chain uses traditional transportation channels, including temperature-controlled airfreight and refrigerated trucks, as well as cutting edge small package delivery services using a cold-chain service through the morning of delivery. These methods cut up to 80% of travel time from the farms to the florists, taking an average of two days instead of the typical ten.

Currently, we only sell to florists, event planners, and industry professionals. Headquartered in the United States, we also have a global presence in Colombia, India, and Singapore to work directly with our global suppliers. Interested in what we have to offer? Register for a membership with us to place an order within minutes! and you’ll be placing an order within minutes! We look forward to helping all your floral needs!

How it Works

We have worked diligenty to streamline the flower-buying process for you! We connect you directly with the grower for fresher product, faster shipping with more affordable prices. Take a look to see how the flowers will go from the farm to you!

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Features and Benefits

Our Marketplace combines years of expertise to give you a more efficient flower-buying experience and great customer service. Take a look to see our helpful features and benefits below

Pricing and Shipping

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We show you farm prices set by the growers


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Farm price + cost of shipping from farm to port of entry.


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BloomKonnect is targeting complete sustainability by 2020, and our Sustainable Floral Fund strives to help partner farms receive certification to help both social and environmental welfare.

Environmental and social welfare are very important causes to us. Too often flower farms are uncertified, putting their employees’ safety and well-being at risk while damaging the environment and product while not using ecological materials. Because these issues are all too rampant in the industry, we have developed the Sustainable Floral Fund. Aiming to achieve complete sustainability in our partner farms by 2020, we hope to positively influence the floral industry by implementing more environmentally-friendly and socially-conscious practices to protect the welfare of the farms and their employees. We are working hard to develop ways to improve for everyone’s benefit as well as looking after the well-being of our planet.